Back Track Part 2

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Well in just two short days I have now completed the SoE Epic Arc “Blood Stained Stars” and I have some final thoughts on it.

Lets talk about how I think the Arc stands up to new players. First and foremost, I don’t know how well advertised this arc is to new players now, but I do know this: its not enough. I cant begin to think how awesome I would have found this when I first stared mission running, and furthermore to a “Theme Park” MMO player, this kind of structured sequential mission might help bring them further into the eve mindset. Its rewards are also great for the newer player, giving some good cash, and a vital boost to empire standings which are oh so important to the early career mission runner.

However there is a problem using the epic arcs to bring theme park players into eve. Its that of progression; like many things in eve the learning curve is more of a wall. A theme park player would run this, and love it, then be faced with grinding for months (and train into Battleships) to get enough standing to run a level 4 epic arc. As they stand (assuming players are pushed into them forcibly) they are a great way of getting players into eve, with some more at the in-between levels, they could be amazing.

And not onto my impressions as an older player. I really enjoyed it, sure the missions were ridiculously easy, and there was a lot of running around high-sec (see the picture at the end). But I really liked the story (yeah I’ve never actually read mission requests before), and actually the reward wasn’t exactly chicken feed. Ok so the money was (I think I made about 5 mill without salving across 5 hours), but at the end of the arc, the ability to pick any of the three factions to gain a chunk of standings towards, is priceless. I picked the Amarr (as I can already run the Caldari Epic Arc “Penumbra”) and gained around 0.4 standing to the faction (8.4% increase with Connections 5, ans Social 4 from a start of 5.4) meaning I can now run theirs as well.

So the (5)million isk question: Would I run it again? yes.
Further more I intend to also run both the Caldari and Amarr arcs very soon. I hope these might provide some more challenge (and reward). Ill add some posts on them when I get to them.

Final notes from my log:

If you happen to have a good battleship in Hek there are two missions there which actually have battleships in. With total bounties worth around 10m isk each, you might be tempted to run these. If you do, the missions are back to back and, in the second one you should refrain from destroying the power source untill you have moped up the BS’s, as killing this (as per mission objective) will destroy the ships with no bounty for you.

My final set up was as follows:

[Hurricane, Sisters]

6x 220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II (Phased Plasma M)
2x Small Tractor Beam II

Large Shield Extender II
2x Tracking Computer II (Tracking Speed Script)
10MN Microwarpdrive II

Damage Control II
3x Tracking Enhancer II
2x Gyrostabilizer II

3x Medium Core Defense Field Purger I

6x Warrior II

I grouped my weapons in sets of two and one shot’d most rats, although I did still have a few tracking issues, never had to deploy the drones though.

For the newer player here is an idea of what ship types you can use:

  • Battleship: to big, wont track anything
  • Battlecruiser: Very Easy mode
  • Cruiser: Easy mode
  • Destroyer: Medium
  • Frigate: Hard but doable with good skills/modules

Here is the rough area you will travel in:

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