Other Side of the Coin

2 years 1 month and 11 days ago I was not having a good time. In fact I was experiencing was what probably the lowest few seconds of my eve carrier. You see I had been a complete idiot, and made an absolutely stupid mistake. At the time I was flying with Razor Alliance in NC, living in Tenal, deep into 0.0 space. I’d just shipped my ratting ship into our home system, and was busy returning my carrier to its Low sec home. I was really new the both the carrier and the alliance, and I really didn’t want to look like an idiot at the time, so I did something that would make me look like a complete moron forever. Instead of asking the best method of moving my carrier in and out of null, instead of checking the Intel channels for the safety of my rout, instead of using a modicum of common sense and getting a scout ahead of me, I blind jumped my carrier through a rout of about 5 cyno POS’s.

I was fit in a stupid way, and doing a stupid thing, and so of course the inevitable happened. I jumped to a cyno, and a lone red Broadsword was waiting for me. Before I knew what had happened a gang of Machariels descended on me and made short work of my carrier.
So why have I brought up my own stupidity? Well because just six days ago (at time of writing) this happened and I suddenly found myself on the other side of coin. 9 lolko made a mistake as monumentally stupid as my own; immediately after downtime in what looks like a desperate escape attempt from a station just taken by Pandemic Legion he un-docked. Of course the undock was bubbled, and PL eyes soon spotted the beached whale slowly crawling out of the bubbles to safety. Everybody and their dog scrambled to LXQ to get on the kill and 9 lolko died pretty quickly.
The likeness doesn’t really match exactly, 9 lolko has lost expensive things before racking up 9bn in the last 3 months not including the linked carrier and I cant account for the intelligence behind the pilot. I know that I am a generally intelligent who seems to have had a complete brain fart, I cant promise the same of 9 lolko, but my past experience makes me inclined to be empathetic.
As such, while the dust was settling around the freshly ejected corpse, I found myself remembering my own loss and thinking about what it taught me. Out here in meatspace, I am very clam and collected kind of person. I very rarely have a rage fit, and this was no exception. I remember being on coms while I was jumping, and shortly after the Broadswords bubble went up my CEO must have heard what was happening over the command channel. “Hark, your in trouble” were the only words he said “I know” was my strained reply. When it was just the broadsword on grid, I knew my only chance was to slowboat inside the POS shield, once the macha gang had landed, I knew I had no chance, and concentrated on trying (and failing) to take something down with me. I’ve never really been afraid of losing ships in eve (well since flying in nullsec any way), but something that big is always going to hurt, and it did. I had thankfully followed eve’s golden rule and not flown what I couldn’t afford to lose, and indeed I had bought a new Chimera & fittings before I had finished getting my pod back to high sec. Here were the main lessons learned:
1. Asking a stupid question makes you look like an idiot to those around you. Not asking a stupid question makes you look like a monumental idiot to everyone looking at your history.
2. Always sanity check everything you do, especially was expensive ships. I was new to the alliance and capitals, but I wasn’t new to Null sec. If I had stopped to ask wtf I was doing just once, I would have realised that blind jumps was an idiotic idea.
3. When things do go wrong, and they always will, or if you do something this stupid stupid; Take it on the chin. I made a massive mistake that day, and every one knew it. However I earned a lot of respect, by admitting my mistake fully, showing how I had learned from it, and not having a raging hissy-fit trying to coverup my own incompetence.
Everyone makes mistakes, in eve as it is in real life, its what you do after a mistake that makes the difference.
Fly like a prat
P.s. I have learned how to fit a carrier since… 4 invulns lolololololol.

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