CSM: what ever you want

I’ve been trying to take a break from CSM related posts, as I have already written quite a few this season and it can only get worse as we get closer to voting day. That said, its and important subject and I feel that I have written enough other things to do one more before the season starts in earnest. If you haven’t found them already, Mabrick and Hans have both posted on the subject of the perception of the csm (links below) and its off the back of these that I intend to talk now.
All the above posts have some excellent points and its thanks to these that I have finally managed to put to paper exactly what I am looking for in a CSM member. Although I have been clear with myself from the start as to what I am looking for, pinning it down in words has proved very difficult. I believe it is because I was using the language of the wrong part of politics. As Mabrick points out, the csm are lobbyists, not parliament. Now the UK doesn’t have lobbyists to the extent the US political system does (thank goodness) , but I have read enough to have at least an inkling of what they are and do. So with this mind frame and language set I was finally able to nail down to electronic paper what I am really looking for.
So with out further ado, here we go:
  • Someone with similar ideals and feelings to me
  • Someone with the savvy to maximise their impact
  • Someone willing to put the work in to make things happen
I’d love to say that there was an order of importance on this, but in my opinion and CSM member lacking any of these three things is next to useless.
There has also been a lot of talk recently about how the CSM could be improved, over its current process/form. So I intend to tack onto this post a my opinion on the matter. It’s quite simple. The biggest problem with the CSM process as it stands is the lack of turnout: 16% is frankly a joke, and I fully expect that to go down this year. A better turnout would mean a better representation and thus a better player voice. To this end, the most important thing CCP could do for the CSM is internalise the voting system. Bringing the voting system into the game itself would I expect help no end with brining more players into the CSM system.

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