Odessey art sneak peak: wow

Crucifier redesign
They have built some impressive animations on the hull, but that may not come yet.
The ship changes shape when you warp or lock targets

Apoc redesign
New ship or war barge show? Going to be in the keynote
Looks industrial
Old ship, archaeology, likely linked to the exploration

New hacking structure
New star gate effects, they look like living dynamic item
see the vid at the end to see this! its amazing
New jump effect
Goes through a animation
No more black screen
Sexy as hell
New comorose

New hud items, some kind lf scan or arrival
Scanner appears on the ui
Can see where they are in relation to you
Looks like loads of ui work
Hacking minigame

Conceptual work
Station interiors
No more station window icons on the hanger
Good feel for the next expansion,  lots of exploration stuff

edit: cant get the vid up now, but trust me the new stargate effect is awsome. thing stargate and slider :p

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