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Monthly Update: Whoops

It’s been while since I last posted anything (6 months!). Honestly I don’t know why I’ve not posted anything in this time. Things have been pretty busy, but no more than usual. I have been active in fleets (although my trader alt has been pretty dormant). I even love the recent changes to eve which have breathed life into the game anew. The best reason that I can give is that my work has been developing into a new space, and part of that space has been the responsibility of writing Development Blogs for our company. I’ve always said that I write this blog purely as a method to improve my written English skills, and perhaps with something else filling that space my eve writings have been dwindling?

Whatever the reason, I am here writing now (when the next post will be I cannot promise). I am starting to feel that perhaps it’s time for me to move on from written blogs, certainly looking through my last few sets of cliff notes, I have a lot of interest in looking at both Audio and video work. I have experimented with some Streaming of World of Warships and even done some minor work at throwing together a podcast style version of the blog. I still have a massive passion for this game, and I love to talk, write, mime, modern dance or method act how I feel about the game and my passion for it. However; audio feels a bit boring and the eve I play doesn’t translate well to the video medium. My search will continue, and I hope to still remain active (or at least more active than I have been) while I work out where I take this next. I’m not shuttering the blog by any means, and where ever I end up going will be hosted in the same space, and with the same time. But it’s just notice that I am looking at new methods of showing my passion for eve on here.

So what has changed in game? Everything. There is so much stuff that has changed since the last blog post that it feels like a daunting task to even think of them all. The game has changed immensely in the last six months, in ways which affects me a lot. Furthermore the universe is now toppling into an all-out war in which I find myself a frontline member. I also failed to put out my end of year post in which I look at the game and my goals to plan where I head in the next 12 months (of which 3 have already slipped past). Indeed, the only area which doesn’t really need updating is that of my finances, which have remained inactive as this blog (although my buffer is sufficient for this to not matter too much).

So where next? Well I think that the next post will be regarding a recent change in my Skill plans (as my two year remap plan has come to an end). After that I will try and post something regarding my goals for 2015, and perhaps set some slightly late goals for 2016. After than I hopefully will have come to some sort of conclusion on where I want to take Extra-Vehicular next, so who knows what the future will hold after that.

Fly as much as you can,


Monthly Update: Security Status

It’s actually been quite an active  month this month! Who could have guessed it? Xa joined in with Imperial Legion, but sadly it would appear that the night which my Clan plays World of Tanks Strongholds matches on is the only night IMPL hold PvP fleets. Give it a few months, a few more players, and I expect I’ll be able to participate in a few good roams. But the action this month mostly came from Hark who are participated in several EU TZ fleets. On the plus side I did discover Xa was sitting on a stash of ship implants and modules hoarded from my time in Faction Warfare (about 1bn of assets).


Where to start? Well to begin with the suggestion given to all PL members of the need to raise their sec status to above -1.8 (which means you can safely travel through all of Highsec). This meant a trip to the nearest concord station in the interceptor to buy back my security status (300m). Then PL announced a rapid deployment to Providence to join in the fun with Goons vs CVA. This resulted in several extremely good fun fights, in crows, tornados and, my personal favourite the Cerberus. It ended far too quickly and I ended up leaving all my ships behind as a cache just encase we decided to go back at any point. I did leave a Jump Clone there just in case I want to sell them or return any time soon. With that over we also had a few good fights in our current deployment zone with an excellent event involving the destruction of several Dreads. All in all an unusually active month for Hark, I hope it remains the norm.


Trade wise this has not been a particularly active month as I have only logged in 4 times in total. That said activity doesn’t really seem to indicate profit as despite this low activity level I did manage to pull in 3.2bn. Admittedly this was thanks mostly to 2.8bn returned to the trader from other characters. I’m hoping that next month I can raise this up to cover the rather expensive cost of keeping a high sec status when all your fights seem to be in Low sec.


Fly like a criminal,



Monthly Update: Summer Slump

Another month drifts by without much happening in game. Really this month has been all about updates and changes outside of the game.


Firstly Virtual Warriors, the Corporation\Alliance in which I first cut my 0.0 teeth has suddenly  sprung back to life after an absence of around 2-3 years. It looks like the Corp\Alliance Leader DRDNOUGHT has come back to the game with the idea of checking out the new Sov mechanics. Drd was a great leader, and never lacked for ambition, so I have no doubt that we will see something interesting coming along from his new group. Depending on how well it is received within PL I may even try and throw an Alt in there to say hello with. Along with Drd, Mini, a dirty member of old is also back in the game and has jumped into VW looking for some fun and games alongside Drd. It’s great to have a Dirty back in eve, for quite a long time I’ve been the only one of us still actively playing. At the moment Lore and Ex are still rather enthused in ARK, but they did peek their ears at the idea of VW coming back.


That’s not to say that I have any plans to jump out of PL to join the crowd. I’ve got a lot of loyalty to Drd, and will do everything I can to help him so long as it doesn’t cause a conflict of interest with my position within PL (i.e. the lowest of the low). I might put an alt in the corp for the odd fleet (or ask for blue status with my alt corp), but right now I am still enjoying the progression of rolling with PL. We’ll just have to see how it develops.


This month also seen some changes in ship line-ups. Sadly one of these new compositions relies literally on the only combat vessel class I cannot fly. So I’m relegated to logistics whenever that one is called. The other fleet comp change also required me to swap out a battleship, which has really stressed the way things work now Fozzie sov has arrived, really it’s made it a bit more difficult/expensive to get rid of unwanted ships, but I guess that’s life in 0.0 now.


Finance wise things are still chugging along OK although last month I didn’t update my orders anywhere near as much as I should, with only 3 logins during the month it frankly amazes me that I managed to rake in an excellent 2.1bn profit, despite the purchase of a fully pimped Battleship for Hark. I really cannot complain at that, although a large part of it was the luck of some poor soul selling me a Charon for 150m.


All in all its been an interesting month with some movements which I hope bode well for the future. I might even manage to get a non-update post in this month. Don’t hold your breath though.


Fly hopeful,




p.s. if you like World of Warships, you should give this video a bit of a watch to find out what I sound like.

Fishing for fun and profit

Fozzie sov had better shake things up when it arrives (Yeah I meant to post this earlier). Because I am not sure when I have ever seen my little corner of eve quieter. Really I don’t have much in the way of an update certainly not for my combat character.


Trading continues to run above my expectations with this month closing the second quarter of 2015. The month itself has been pretty profitable with an estimated profit of 1.4bn, and average of 46m per day of trading. It’s a good result, and one which I hope to continue, but not as good as I would like (of course). The Quarter on the other hand I could not have asked for better from. With a total of 5.6bn earned, a new personal record beating out my previous of 4.4bn in Q2 2014 (what is it about Q2 I wonder). This gave me an average profit/day of 61m happily keeping me on target for profit this year. I do feel that this massive push in profitability is thanks to me casting a wider net in terms of % of my isk invested in buy orders. Now that my total assets is increasing again, I feel like it might be time to once again push that even further. After all a bigger net catches more fish right?


Fly like a fish,



Monthly Update: Long time coming

Well it’s been a while since I last posted, a couple of months to be precise, and I am not sure I can tell you why. It’s not been an especially busy few months and in fact I’ve been playing eve more than I was last year. Success hasn’t been an issue in eve either of late, the PvP with Hark has been going well, the trade character has been breaking all kinds of personal records. Yet for some reason I have been drawing a blank on what to write on here. I just never seem to really have much to say. But don’t mistake this for a closing down post. You will have to pray harder for that to happen any time soon. Even during this post drought, the blog still serves its purpose for me well, it still brings thoughts and plans to my mind which make me ask questions about eve, and indeed about my gaming in general. So I will be making an concerted effort to put those thoughts to electronic paper, starting with a return to the monthly update and continuing onwards. I doubt that I will manage to break this year’s blogging goals, but damn it if I won’t keep the cobwebs off the server, and indeed my mind. With all that said, let’s do a bit of an update on how things have changed for me in eve since the last update posted.


Hark, has been through several move ops now, and these have varied from horrific (the first six hour debacle) all the way through to easy (moving two real-space jumps). I still stand by the fact that I both love and hate the new changes, I have only had 2 Capital fights so far since the JD nerf, and both of those were relatively minor, nothing like the wrecking ball fleets of old. Sub-Capital fleets have been far more prevalent than ever before (in my game time), and this is something I love. On the other hand when it comes to relocating assets (something PL does pretty regularly), it is a complete pain in the arse and I hate the changes. But I guess that’s the price we have to pay.


The upshot of all this is that my old Dreadnaught character has now been retrained into a Carrier to help Hark during relocations. PL requires a lot of ships and as we no longer tend to deploy via Aamamake, there  are less opportunities to drop off old lesser used ships to make space for newer ones. This means that moving a single carrier load of ships around quite simply doesn’t work (at least for me so far). Hence the change of carrier (excuse the pun). Multi boxing the move ops has been stressful, but at the same time ok, and I might even consider thinking about moving her up to combat status, should the need ever arise and her skills improve enough.


The only other front which I have really been pushing is my trading character and it’s been pretty successful so far this year. This first quarter the Trader has made 6.5bn, which took me four months to earn early last year (making me a clear month ahead).  I have also managed to earn over a billion per month so far this year in the longest positive earning streak of my ledgers. Should I manage to continue this trend (I don’t count on it) I currently project that I will end this year having earned 20bn (bringing me to a 51bn total). Remembering back to how hard I found it to break the 25bn mark, this sudden growth has shocked me somewhat. Part of this success is my recent push to invest more of my liquid assets in buy orders, reducing my movement capital by 5bn down to ~15, a figure I still don’t expect to ever use half of through purchases and might consider further reducing it at a later date should I find this current balance stable enough to push it further.


It’s not all good on the money front. At the moment I have (due to shear laziness) closed all of my alternate revenue streams. No PI, no manufacturing, no Faction Warfare, no exploration. I really want to continue these endeavours, but the effort to return on them just seems astronomically high compared to their returns. Perhaps I need to make an effort to at least try to restart one of these over the next few months.


I think that’s probably all the update that I have for you right now, but I will be attempting to get the momentum going once again.


Fly all out of excuses,




Monthly Update: Back in the Saddle

Well it’s been not been a bad first month back in, although time has not been as abundant as I had hoped. It turns out that eve was not the only thing waiting for me to stop being busy with planning a wedding to consume my free time. I still found time however to get a few things done in eve and indeed help Arian out. As pretty much everyone one knows now Bothers of Tangra (PLs Renting and PvE group) has seeded most of its space over for Shadow of xDeath, and so Arian needed to move his PvE farming Macharial out of its home and back to highsec before the change took place. Unfortunately  the logistics group were doing shipments out of a station 8 jumps (2 constellations) away from where Arian had been ratting. So I flew an alt out to scout him through the jumps with an interceptor. The operation was entirely uneventful, but still quite nerve inducing, reminding me of why I enjoy eve (risk).


Since then Hark has also moved home and participated in a good fleet fight (which was a wonderful 5 sided melee in which I managed to bag around 50 kills (iirc). The fight was an excellent excursion for my Legion which hasn’t been aired in a little while now, and I managed to use overheating without burning out my weapons (this time) so clearly I am improving. Skills wise Hark is now really digging into her Int Mem mapping I started way back in July of 2013. That’s 495 days since I began my first foray into attributes. I estimate that this mapping has gained me 450 additional SP per day compared to the even attribute mapping I’ve previously had. In total that’s 222,750 additional over the time period. It’s not exactly buckets, but it all adds up I guess. Currently I have another 262 days of Skill training planned in this configuration before I begin the next remapping. No doubt I will do another Attribute Optimisation post when that time comes picking what I train next.


Xa has also been active, after doing the scouting for Arian she invested in an Astero and delved into Nullsec to try earning some cash. I’ve found that shallow Nullsec is pretty much barren of sites at the moment and I am thinking about going deeper to find more. My hope is that I might be able to train up a BLOPS bridge character at some point to make getting loot in and out easier. That’s a good distance into the future however, and for now I am just solidifying my scanning skills to ensure a faster hunting rate.


The Trader has also been much more active this month despite being away for most of it I managed to rake in 1bn ISK, which is back to my average (despite only 3 weeks of trading). Current projections forecast that I might manage to break 30bn in non-asset cash before the year is out, but that’s not for certain. I am also negotiating for a small investment of capital on a % profit basis which might up my trading capital for the next year. My growth rate is pretty variable, but tends to average around 0.125% per day. That means that even a 1bn investment could bring my profit per month up by around 40m per month. Again it’s not a signal to start filling the pool with money, but it’s not chicken feed either. We’ll see how the negotiation goes however. On other fronts I am warming up the PI chains as well with an eye to opening that revenue chain once more. I still haven’t sold of any of the created stock from that yet and estimate that I have around 500m ISK waiting to be sold on the market. Something I really should get around to doing.


The Industry character is also being warmed up again but to a lesser degree. My struggle right now is getting back into the habit of doing the daily maintenance needed to keep both this and the trader operational and profitable. To begin with my concentration has been on the trader, and so since I got back the Indy hasn’t really had the same amount of time invested in it. Currently she is sitting on around 500m’s worth of product A with another 500m having been sold at market just before I left on Honeymoon. She has also now trained into a second product line, which I will be interleaving with the original. I need to really sit down and work out a more exact plan for how that’s going to work, but have yet to have the spare time to do so. Product B is currently at level 4 of invention training, so I am still bringing her up to level 5 at time of writing, that should end next month when I will chose my next set of training (could be a dilemma!).


Finally my Dread alt is coming into the vinegar strokes of her training with only one months’ worth of training left before she is a competent Dread alt. The question now remained as it if it is worth cross training her into the other dreads, finding something else she could do (BLOPS bridge?) or just stopping the dual training on her account. I think that last one is going to win out to be honest.


The Dirties are certainly going into a decline within eve, which saddens me, but at the same time doesn’t surprise me. I am trying my hardest to fight that trend for myself, as I am still enthused about eve more than I am for any other game, but it’s hard to predict how the loss of the group might affect my enthusiasm. The group seems to be quite enthused about Elite Dangerous at the moment, and I have to admit that I am enjoying the beta quite a lot at the moment. Who knows perhaps there is a place for two space games in my life. Perhaps the same is true of this blog as well. More on that in another post.


Fly active,




September 1st, 2014
Monthly Updates

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This is going to be a few of paragraphs worth update this month. We are T-3 weeks to my Wedding right now (which is ‘fun’ in and of itself), and a few weeks back we had a small house fire which means things are a little ‘hectic’ at the moment to say the least. As you can imagine eve, and gaming in general has taken a little bit of a back seat. I will try to summarise my moth anyway.

Been pretty quiet on the eve front this month, although I have attempted to restart both my trading and industrial alts in-order to continue money making. The PvP main has been parked in Ama now pending my return from honeymoon in October.

So that’s about it really, I will see if I have time to write a longer update prior to the wedding, but in-reality I expect to be posting a three month catch up post wedding. Hopefully at that point I will have more time on my hands to being posting more than just the monthly updates I have been doing so far.


Fly without structural damage,


River Bed

Another month slides by and out of game events are starting to take a bigger toll on my playtime. The issue is that the annual Lazy summer has rolled around within New Eden again, and at the same time I am coming closer and closer to my Wedding. Together this means that I don’t get much time to play eve, and when I do get time, there never seems to be much happening. The new deployment has at least been a bit better than the last (like 3 fleets is far better than the 0 I got on last time), even if I haven’t really been able to take full advantage of what’s been going on. So what have I been up to combat wise? Well I’ve don’t a couple of Black Ops Drops (Panther is still sexy as hell), and a few sub capital fleets, including a nice little interaction we had  the other night which saw a goon carrier hit structure before a harpy reinforcement fleet pushed us far enough away that we lost point.


It seems to me that in the summer months the actual gameplay of eve takes a back seat to the metagame of politics. has started splurging out article after article of politics related content and I expect the other news sites to follow onwards. I find TMC to be an interesting site in terms of the constant back and forth over “Goon Bias” and Anti Puby agenda pushers. I don’t see any particular Bias in place on TMC (as their writers come from all around the Galaxy), but I do see individual publications which clearly have an agenda (see anything Mittens himself has posted), but as far as I feel that is fair game. It’s usually pretty easy to spot the Agenda, and Bias articles are still interesting, you just have to adjust your internal salt levels to the particularities of the article your reading, most of the time the propaganda is pretty “try hard”. Anyway I digress.


The ganking we have been doing has also ground to somewhat of a halt, as we simply haven’t been engaged enough to get on and do this. Some of the other dirties have been considering taking up an opportunity to do some Nullsec bearing to earn a bit of cash for whatever the winter throws at us. For me, I’m just not too sure if can be bothered to put the effort in. Moving Xa out into null will require an upfront investment of both effort and Isk, one of which I am terminally short on. Even if I could be bothered to get myself out there, historically we have never been very good at PvE ventures, generally we last around a month or two at most in PvE before the fact that eve has the worst PvE content in the MMO genre settles in. Add to this mix the fact that I have enough Isk at the moment to (hopefully) see me through another winter war, and you can see why I am not so keep to rush into this. Still for some of the other Dirties I can totally see why it’s an attractive offer. I would rather spend the little gaming time I will have over the next few months playing part of eve which are fun (or other games) over eve’s PvE content.


Industry wise.. Well things haven’t changed much, with my industry lines catching dust. I have been waiting for the expansion to land before doing another batch of product. Now that the patch has landed, I am starting to analyse the industry costs and look at if my lines will continue to be productive. It’s a time consuming effort, which means that it’s going to take a while before I feel ready to fire the old chains up. PI wise, I can only blame pure laziness for my lack of activity, so I will.


So the big question is if I have remained financially stable during this dry period. Certainly in terms of logins it’s been as slow as the other characters, with only 4 logins this month. However I have managed to pull in about 1bn in trade so far. There is also currently an outstanding debt of 300m from our ganking experiment, which was the purchase cost of the Fences Orca, which I may sell in the coming month to turn a profit on that investment. Furthermore I intend to push myself to get the trader back up and running, at least selling the stock of product which she is currently sitting on. I hope that this might make the next month far more profitable.



With all of the above you won’t be surprised to see that my play time this month has been exceptionally low, with only 26 hours played for which 6 was spent in eve. The rest of my time has been spend mostly in world of Tanks, and Space Engineers. Both games where entertainment can be turned on and off at will.


I’d normally end a post like this with a line saying how I hope that next month will be better, but in all honesty it’s not going to happen. The next few months in eve (and in gaming in general) are going to be very dry indeed. Still that’s the price you pay for having a life outside of gaming, and one I will gladly pay. Things will get back to normal eventually, October is hopefully going to be a great month for gaming!


Fly in Stasis,




Well as I predicted in the last few updates things have gotten a bit quieter on the eve front. PL has returned from a Rapid Deployment and gone almost immediately onto another. I had to delay going onto the second one due to a long weekend trip to Europe. With that all done now, I have successfully deployed to our new staging zone and am eager to see how much activity there will be. Before I went on my holiday however I did purchase a small gift for myself in the form of a Panther Black Ops Battleship. I have to say that the CCP art department did a stellar job on the rework of the Typhoon Battleship hull the Panther is based on. Without a doubt the ship is the best looking one of my meagre collection, shortly closely by the Crow (again masterfully reworked). I don’t think I have been as taken by the look of a ship in eve since I first set eyes on the Chimera, and even then I think the Typhoon might just have it beaten. Seeing as a large percentage of the pings I’ve seen so far in this slow summer have been for BLOPS, I hope that the panther might just increase my kill count a good measure. We’ll see on that one however.


On other fronts things are looking… pretty good actually. Xa is still wearing her ganking hat, and we just finished selling our first loot haul of 1bn ISK. Sorry that’s a spoiler for my ganking posts, I’ll put up the story on how we got that soon promise! Admittedly we have been a bit quiet on the ganking front, but it’s because it’s such a slow burning activity (much like a lot of eve), you spend literally hours doing nothing then suddenly it’s an adrenalin overdrive for 30 seconds. The ISK/Hour is pretty good (although that’s dependent on your luck) but the time spent doing nothing is a bit bleh. Still we shall see if the interest wanes over time, I’m almost surprised that we have lasted as long as we have to be honest, but then again it seems to be the only activity in eve which encourages groups of our size to work together.


Trade wise, things are also looking pretty good with 1.5bn made this month, despite some massive asset devaluations. The industrial character also paid back her start-up debt including the compound interest owed, so any further money earned on that account is pure profit. I expect to see a return on my other investments next month meaning that she will have no debtors. That’s good in the sense of my profitability, but it also means I should look into some new income streams to invest in. Diversity is after all the key to a good portfolio.


Speaking of the Indy character, she is currently sitting on about 400m of PI produce (I’ve been lax) and a further 700m of liquid and asset ISK. I am considering shutting down production until the industry changes hit TQ on the 22nd, so that I can spend the time assessing future profitability of the endeavour. So far the enterprise has been run very slap-dash, with finger in the air calculations. If you know me at all this might come as a bit of a surprise given my predilection for spreadsheets and exacting standards, but the simple fact is that although I have kept a loose eye on the profitability of the endeavour, this has been a learning experience rather than a profit making one (although if it had started haemorrhaging cash I would have shut it down) . Knowing that I had literally zero knowledge of the trade, recording exact profit would have highlighted exactly how much my mistakes were costing me. Something that while learning might put me off a little. However now that I am getting better versed in the process, and the industry changes are looming closer, it seems like it might be time to take stock and look at more exact numbers. Should those numbers become less profitable in the future, I will consider moving one of my dual training character to that account to cut costs and increase utility. But that’s a matter for next month at the earliest.


Time wise things haven’t been great this month with 42 hours of gaming played of which only 3 were spent in eve. The total hours played has been inflated by the Steam Summer sale which prompted me to boot up some game in order to farm some Trading cards. To be honest I am not certain that this next month will be much better.


Fly like a summer sloth,





It’s been another great month for my PvP record, with Providence providing some good fights. I saw a some complaints/propaganda/opinions that PL were “Dropping caps” everywhere during our last deployment, but speaking only for what I saw, things were pretty even. If anything in the fleets we were in, were constantly attempting to nurture the fight out of the Provi fleets, getting annoyed at other (then) blue fleets for over powering, and FC assassination.


Like I said, this is only my personal experience of the situation, so perhaps I was just on the “good” fleets. Either way, it was a good fun RDU, and the fights/fleet comps have been excellent. Certainly its lasted longer than I have expected, and provided more content. I’m a bit worried about what happens next however. With no sign of news for our next deployment and the usual lethargic waves of the Summer lap against the content generators. Add into this the devotion of our chief content providers to engage in the wind up to the Alliance Tournament, and I am beginning to think that we might be seeing a slower pace over the next few months. Still make hay while the sun shines eh? Perhaps I need to look into getting my PvP fix elsewhere?


Ganking has been on the down as well, although I still need to write up the full length of our adventure so far. It’s in the place where if you say to any of the team (myself included) “You still want to do some ganking at some point?” they say yes, but we never actually get around to that “Some point” being “now”. I suspect that Watch_dogs has had something to do with that my on part.


Industry has been on a bit of a low as well. I expect to see me increasing my industry schedule with the changes to the Manufacturing system coming in so soon, but instead its caused me to become more fatigued with the horrid interface. I think that where before I had not even thought about the terrible design (and the number of clicks needed to do anything) is, so I accepted it as “the only way”. However now I have seen a better system on the horizon I feel less forgiving of the clunky old way. That said I have increased my PI production by one planet, and I have also been ticking over the production albeit at a far reduced rate. Still not breaking that mythical 1bn profit mark, but its edging ever closer. I’ve no idea what the industry changes will do to my profits, so at the moment I’m ready to shut up shop at a moment’s notice, should it prove less profitable.


This month the traders ledger shows that I have made a paltry 300m profit this month. However part of that does include two investments in longer term schemes of 600m and 800m (1.4Bn total). I expect to be able to return at least the same as my initial investment, and hope to turn a profit higher than if I had left the money invested in the trader. So hopefully I will see a good month in exchange for this low one further down the line.


This month I spent around 70 hours gaming (inflated by a LAN party we held a few weekends back) of which 25 was spent playing eve. Eve kill attributes me with 122 kills during this month, including one Aeon (player event though), not bad, but not breaking that record set in Feb.


Fly Idling